A nice trip to the old shipbuilding area

Theo van Kampen

A day without any obligations, nice sunny weather; why not make a daytrip to one of the old industrial zones along the Ij?

We rented bicycles at the friendly little Mac Bike rental shop at Marnixstraat 220, a place where people still have time for you rather that they put you on seat as fast as possible….

Behind the Central Railway Station is a quay where you can take the free ferry to the NDSM terrain.

On the left bank you can have a look to the old grain silo: nowadays an estate but formerly one of the biggest squats of Amsterdam.

After the refreshing boat trip the adventure is about to begin!

Although the industrial activity has ended a few decades ago there are still many traces left, the terrain is open, the seagulls have their fun and the terrain is dominated by the old crane.

Free spirits opened a cosy and neat little restaurant called ‘Noorderlicht’ near the 100% climate neutral houseboat.
We enjoyed a herbal tea in the comfortable beach chairs.

Back to the ferry we discovered left from it both the Greenpeace Sirius and an old rusty U-boat!

On the boardwalk you can have a nice panorama of the other site of the Ij.
Also on the left side of the ferry is some interesting new archticture to inspect.

Back to down-town again the magnificent view on the old refurbished grain silo.

website Noorderlicht: www.noorderlichtcafe.nl

website Ferry to the NDSM terrain Ferry

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