Strolling through Chinatown.

Theo van Kampen

Imagine: Spring in Amsterdam, nice weather, not too hot, just perfect….. The ideal ‘Ausflug’ for an afternoon in the heart of Amsterdam.
Chinatown Amsterdam was founded at 1910 so one of the oldest Chinatowns in Europe and starts at the Nieuwmarkt at the corner of the Zeedijk. Once a real retaining wall to keep the city dry (Zeedijk = Sea dike), now a lively colerfull street with many Chinese restaurants, food and kitchenware shops, a Chinese bakery, Chinese clothing but surprisingly with a typical small and cosy Dutch butchery and fish shop as well.

Walking from the Nieuwmarkt with its typical 15th century building ‘De Waag’ a former weigh house but actually started its career as a towngate, we enter the Zeedijk and go for a lunch at Hoi Tin, famous for their Dim Sum.

After the tasty lunch we pass the Temple with the funny plate that says that bikes will be removed!

Now we approach the crossing Zeedijk-Stormsteeg with the famous food and kitchenware shop ‘Toko Dun Yong’ the oldest toko in town! At the other corner restaurant Wing Kee: one of the best in the Netherlands though the atmosphere is still low profile. Try the tripe with black been sauce, absolute delicious!

The Zeedijk continues in the direction of the Amsterdam Central Railway Station and remaines colorfull but looses gently its Chinese touch and becomes more and more a touristic spot with beergardens and liquor shops.

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