A Daytrip to Amsterdams best beergarden.

Theo van Kampen

Some people think that beergardens is a typical German phenomenon, but today we will show you that Amsterdam has a beergarden as well, a very nice one!
We rent a bike at Mac Bike’s at Marnixstraat 220 and heading to the Elandsgracht, a former canal (gracht = canal) but now a busy street with lots of small shops and neat little bars where the local people like to hang out. The Elandsgracht has his own fleemarked as well: the entrance you can find at the beginning of the street.

Since we have to head north-east we will cross the main canals through the area called ‘De Negen Straatjes’ (The nine little streets), an area loaded with boutiques, bakery’s, speciality shops for cheese, wine, vintage clothes, shoes etc. etc. Just take your time to discover the diversity of De Negen Straatjes!

“the bridge over the Prinsegracht with a vieuw of the typical houseboats and the Westertoren; the tower who dominated once the vieuw of Anne Frank”

Now we approach the centre of Amsterdam and we find ourselves at the square ‘’t Spui’ with it’s bookmarked and a perfect oppertunity to enjoy the favourite snack of everybody: French Frites. However we have to find

the best place in town….Enter the ‘Voetboogsteeg’


“Zum Barbarossa”- and walk to the end of this alley. There you see ‘’t Vlaamse Friteshuis sinds 1957’!

We do recommend the small portion with Samourai sauce: a spicy mayonaisse made with a lot of eggs and chilly peppers.Left from the Vlaamse Friteshuis you can see the old entrance of the former ‘Heiligeweg Bad’ once a swimming pool but now a fancy shopping mall.

We have to cross the ‘Rokin’ (which actually is the tail of the river Amstel!) and enter the innercourt of the ‘Binnengasthuis’ a former hospital, now it belongs to the university. On the quite little square one of Amsterdam’s most interesting work of art: ‘De Lensbomen’ (lens trees) from Thom Puckey.

Behind the square we cross the canal over the cast iron drawbridge entering the ‘Staalstraat’with it’s hidden smallest roofgarden in town

and after this we zig-zag through the old Jewish quarter by taking the ‘Verversstraat’ with its remarkable “Berlinesque” building on nr. 10: The former storage of the Leeuwenberg brothers. They runned a hardware store and where dealing in fire arms.

The zig-zagging ends at the small square between the Joodenbreestraat (broad Jewish street) and the Antonibreestraat. A nice see-trough is offert you at the old sluice: a vieuw over the‘Oude Schans’ all to the over side of the ‘Ij’

On the Joodenbreestraat you can visit the Rembrandhuis and The Holland Experience. The first one is a neat little museum and the latter a tourist trap which should be avoided!
Behind the Joodenbreestraat you can visit the Waterlooplein Markt, the mean fleemarked of Amsterdam. Still a place where you can find treasures although you have to keep your eyes open: not only pickpockets try to ruin your day, also merchants who see you as a walking source of money try to sell you low quality goods for too much money. But as I said, still you can find the things you where looking for your lifetime!

The Joodenbreestraat starts actually at ‘De Snoge’: Not only the biggest but also the oldest Sefardim Synagoge in this part of Europe: 1675 is was competed.
Trough ‘Rapenburg’ we cycle to the bridge on the Anne Frank straat: de ‘Latjesbrug’ where we can take a little break enjoying a nice vieuw of a surprising quit spot so near the busy flee marked.

Now we cycle along this canal to the impressive drawbridge who devides the old town with a shipbuilding and former storage house quarter. On the picture you can see the building of the ‘Scheepvaard Museum’ on the other picture the port to the ‘Entrepotdok’ were actually the mean storage houses where; now the storage houses storage housholdings.


Cycling though the ‘Hoogte Kadijk’ we can spot the statue of the eagle of the former brewery Van Vollenhove, now Heineken ownes the brand but fortunately Heineken still brews the typical black ‘Van Vollenhoven Stout Bier’

At the end of the Hoogte Kadijk we have a nice view of the ‘Oranje Nassau Kazerne’ the former mean barracks. The biggest fa├žade in the Netherlands!

If we turn now to the left we can already spot the destiny of this daytrip: The impressive windmill ‘De Gooyer’ -founded at 1814- with right from her the independent brewery ‘t Ij’ in the former bath house at the ‘Funenkade’.

In front of this brewery you find the beergarden with it’s unique athmoshere. Here the local people enjoy their refreshments after a day of hard work along the many curious tourists who wanted to taste something else rather than ordinary Heineken Lager…..

website beergarden and brewery het Ij

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