“The Dinner Club” Oud West, Kinkerbuurt

Theo van Kampen
Parallel to the Da Costakade lies the Da Costastreet and on nr. 64 is situated the ROC, a labour school where young people are trained for work in restaurants. In the school is a real restaurant where we can be laboratory rabbits: The students will cook and serve and we will eat the food….

The quality of the food is excellent as is the quality of the wines. Always a real pleasure to eat at the ROC restaurant “The Dinner Club”!

A drawback is that you have to make a reservation in time, you’ll have to show up early (between 18.00h and 18.30h) and during school vacations the restaurant is closed.
Very positive is that the atmosphere is very friendly and the prices are more than reasonable.

After a good meal and a few glases of wine we can go back to our place, enjoying the evening and having a healthy sleep….

reservation (tel: 020-5791666),
ROC http://heerlijkamsterdam.nl/contact/reserveren/

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