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De Haarlemmerdijk, a former dike, build in the year 1612 has received 400 years later a price of being the coziest shopping street of The Netherlands...... How about that! Since we all are very curious about this kind of cases we decided to go for a walk through this remarkable street and to check out if it's true what they say.

The weather in Amsterdam can be very surprisingly and if you have to spend a day in town and you don't want to get wet or cold than a visit to the Haarlemmerdijk can be a great outing.

We started our trip at the tail of the dike, near the Haarlemmerplein. On the right side on nr. 161 lies The Movies, a quality cinema with her astonishing art deco interior. Not only movies can be seen at The Movies, the restaurant is quite good as well.

Right on the left site of The Movies you can buy the best chocolate croissants of Amsterdam in Bakkerij Mediteranne. The baker makes excellent rice pies as well.

Walking southwards we discovered a brand new vintage boutique. The paint was still smelly! Jutka & Riska actually, if you like those kind of shops, there are many more to explore in the Haarlemmerdijk!

On the corner Haarlemmerdijk / Binnen Bantammerstraat you can find an interesting shop: Half Halal butchery, half kitchen utensils. But not the ordinary kitchen utensils, here they sell everything to prepare a Moroccan dish in the proper way.

The meat is from a very high quality.

We continue walking and we'll see that the Haarlemmerdijk continues but her name changes into De Haarlemmerstraat after the crossing with the Korte Prinsegracht. This bridge is fortified and still you can find traces:

Now the shopping-street continues as Haarlemmerstraat and this street is loaded with culinary surprises as well..... There is a Portuguese delicacies shop called Casa Bocage where they sell wine and olive oil but the typical Portuguese flan and fish cookies as well and a little more southwards you can enter Hollandaluz, a Spanish delicacies shop where they sell the typical pans for preparing Pealla and many more Spanish kitchen utensils.

In this culinary Walhalla is one delicacies shop who stands miles above all the others: Caulils, Haarlemmerstraat 115. Last year this shop won the prestigious prize for the best delicacy shop in The Netherlands!!

On the corner Herenmarkt / Haarlemmerstraat lies the beautiful building 'Het West Indisch Huis'. Not only beautiful but interesting as well: The West Indië House is the former headquarters of the West Indië Company (WIC) in Amsterdam. This building gave the commanders of the WIC in 1625 ordered the construction of a fort on Manhattan Island, the beginnings of what would become the metropolis of New York!

Actually, every shop you walk by on Haarlemmerstraat / Haarlemmerdijk is worth Indië paying a visit so take your time!

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