City Beach Zandvoort

Theo van Kampen
The weather in Amsterdam can be surprising...... Sunshine, rain, stormy weather, snow, ice rain, heat, fog, everything can happen and sometimes all of this can happen in one day.
But in summertime, when the sun is shining and the temperature goes up and up people like to be at the sea side and guess what? If you know which train to catch the sea side is just 20 minute away!
We like to share one of the best kept secrets from Amsterdam: Amsterdam on the beach and it's called: Zandvoort.

The name 'Sandevoerde' was found on ancient maps like 900 years ago, a fishermen's settlement between sandy dunes. In the 19th century Zandvoort was connected to the Amsterdam-Haarlem railway and soon tourism was booming. For many of you Holland visitors this doesn't sound attractive but since Zandvoort is blessed with one of the most beautifull beaches of The Netherlands ├ánd the Zandvoort people know how to combine commercial activities with an amazing good sense of hospitality we strongly recommend a visit to plan a day trip to the Zandvoort beach (=Zandvoort aan Zee).

Crowded? Not when you stand with youre bare feet in the warm sand overlooking a beach 6 miles long, just sand, no pebbles or rocks with many bars and restaurants who can provide you with any refreshment you are longing for....

Here you see Nadia buying her train ticket at Centraal Station Amsterdam. In summertime there is a direct connection from Amsterdam CS to Zandvoort aan Zee!
This machine accept credit card payments as well.

After 35 minutes we are at Railway Station Zandvoort aan Zee. All we have to do now is climb the stairs and follow the others..... Why re-invent the wheel?

Dolce far niente.... You see: plenty of room at this gorgeous beach!
We like to stay at the beach in front of Paviljoen Jeroen  To us the best place to be: Friendly people, a good selection of cooled soft drinks, wines and beers and a reasonable good restaurant as well. Just for a nickel you can use their bathrooms and showers.

Nadia likes to make artist impressions of the North Sea. The paintings are made with egg tempera oil paint and first class pigments. These painting are for sale in the web shop.

Sundown.... The water is still nice to play ball, more and more people went home, more and more you'll hear the calm rush of the waves. Peace will enter you head, you'll dream away and you are just 20 minutes away from the exciting city of Amsterdam.

Zandvoort, simply a perfect 'Sommerausflug'......

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