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Unlike many other European cities the traffic in Amsterdam is not that hectic: The only thing what can be a little confusing is the fact that many streets are under reconstruction (for what reason ever :-) and thus is created a wood of traffic signs, mostly to seperate bicycle traffic and the motorists.

With a little common sense you will survive but apart from this phenomen the foreign motorist can face strange traffic signs like:

the first traffic sign contains two warnings. The upper is a warning for burglars that if you do a shoplifting you will be sprayed with a chemical that contains DNA which cannot be removed by taking a shower for example. If the police catch you they can scan this DNA so better behave! The lower sign says that in this area its forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks in public.

Some tourists have the idea that Amsterdam is one big party zone where everybody can smoke everywhere marihuana. This is not the fact. In public places is smoking marihuana allowed but certainly not appreciated! This particular traffic sign shows that in this area it's forbidden to smoke marihuana in public. Don't do it!

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