Cycling to the pure market

Theo van Kampen
I am a huge fan of cycling. Not only because of the fact that cycling is a healthy way of moving around, cycling is cheap (doesn't consume petrol), cycling doesn't produce smog, cycling is silent (unless your bike is in a terrible state) and cycling brings you further than walking. Today we cycle to the outskirts of Amsterdam since there lies a treasure.....: The Amsterlpark.

First we have to decide if we take the fastest way to go there or the most beautiful. Of course we choose for the latter.

The Amstelpark lies besides the river Amstel, the river that gives name to our city. The park is situated on the south side of town but on the west side of the river. However, the west side of the river is a little 'trafficato' so we take first the east side.

Here we cross the river Amstel. The bridge is designed in 1883 by Willem Springen in Parisian stiyle. On the other side of this recently restored bridge we can see the Amstel Hotel, favored by rock stars like The Rolling Stones and wealthy people. After the bridge we take to the right and pass the Amstel Hotel.

On Weesperzijde 130-131 the famous Café Hesp with their beautiful art deco advertisement on the wall. Fortunately not spoiled by graffiti! Cafe Hesp is beautiful on the inside as well and the beverages are of high quality. Worth to pay a visit! Now we are approaching the Berlage Brug (= bridge). Here we have to cross the river again to continue our trip on the west side of the river.

The Berlage Brug was build in 1925 and is designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage, a very important architect those days. As you can see the bridge can be opened for the naval traffic if neccesary.

The more we head south the more quiet it will be. Still we are in Amsterdam!
After a few miles we will find the entrance of the Amstel Park on the right side.

The park was created just in 1972 for a huge agricultural exhibition. So, quite recent! But it is a beautiful park, an ideal place to relax because it's situated far away from the busy center of the city.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month from 11.00h. there is a market in the Amstelpark, it is called The Pure Market. Here you find pure products sold by the producers themselves. They can inform you about the ingredients, origin and production process. You can purchase your spot to eat on one of the terraces or take home.

We strongly reserve some appetite when visiting the market since there are many very tastefull experiences to get......


How about a sandwich with pulled pork? ( Grill'nSmoke )


And a glass of very tasty sparkling wine from Hungary? We tried the dry version but went home with a bottle of extra dry. Nadia is here opening a bottle by decapiture it by a sword! ( Bubbels van Budapest )

Bubbels van Budapest

If you sell crepes you should do it out of a vintage Citroën HY van. We where not disappointed. ( crepes-mobiel )

This man makes fresh apple juice but sells home made cider. We went home with one bottle. Very good quality. ( de Beekse Ridder )

To press the apple pulp he uses a home made press with a hydrolic carr jack

Home made marmelades and confitures. Here I try to convince the makers to make confiture from tomatoes. As I make at home myself. ( Veluwse Streekproducten-Veluws Stoofpotje )

Seeweed. Not only to cover shusi rolls! ( Algoplus Zeewier )

Also for children there is the Pure Market enough to do! Solar powered carousel with Menno the Miller.

When you face this train the first thing you think of should be....... Porsche! And how richt you are! Posche made and Porsche powered narrow-gauge train. Still on the track after 40 years.
The park has a midged golf track as well so if you need some mild excersises after all those sandwiches, fish and chips, crepes, champagnoises, ciders and other delights you can go ahead!

We are leaving the park at the entance at the riverside.

The river Amstel on a sunny day.

A design houseboat as a visual desert of this delightful outing.

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  1. I love PureMarkt, but I always go to the one in Frankendael park. Lovely photos, I need to visit Amstelpark this summer!