Shanghai Noodles during shopping?

Theo van Kampen
One of the biggest shopping streets in Holland is 'De Kalverstraat', the street that connects 'De Dam' with 'Het Muntplein'. The dam refers to the dam in the river Amstel where the first settlements began that led to the emergence of Amsterdam, het Muntplein (munt = coin) dominated by a magnificent monument which in the 17th century coins were made.

The name 'De Kalverstraat' is derived from a veal market that was held in the 17th century but nowadays you cannot buy cattle anymore, the street is dominated by shops that sell shoes and clothing but you can find other interesting shops as well: For example 'De Sleghte' a huge bookshop specialized in low prized new and second hand books, and The American Book Center on the corner of Het Spui, a beautiful square with trees and a Mediterranean atmosphere.
But shopping gives appetite and where can you better take a lunch than in a Chinese eatery? But walking to Chinatown with an empty belly is not a very attractive idea..... Fortunately, we have discovered Shanghai Noodle, just around the corner of 'Het Muntplein' on Rokin 152!

Shanghai Noodle is a neat little restaurant where you first select what you want to eat, then pay and only then sit down and eat. That is the formula of Shanghai Noodle, where they also serve the dish with that name. The food is served with chop sticks but on request they bring you a spoon, fork and a knife. The prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious!

An ideal place to take your lunch but since they are open until 21.00h. you can dinner there as well. Also Shanghai Noodle does take away.

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