EYE Restaurant...... Do you have something to celebrate?

Nadia Gyr
Me and my friend Karin had something to celebrate namely our last day together as colleagues. We decided to have dinner after work but we wanted to do this in a very special environment : That could be only the EYE restaurant!
This restaurant is part of the EYE building. The EYE building was erected in April 2012, actually it is the new home of the Filmmuseum and is situated on the northern bank of the IJ. The Vienna office Delugan Meissl Associated Architects made ​the spectacular design: from a distance the building looks like an...... eye! EYE is the first major cultural institution that takes the leap across the IJ.
In the restaurant you can enjoy lunch and dinner inside or on the terrace with a magnificent view over the IJ.

The EYE building is very easy to find: take the ferry behind the Amsterdam Central Railwaystation (Amsterdam CS) to Buiksloterweg. The ferry is free and crosses the river Ij on regular base.Waiting for the ferry you allready can see the EYE.

The restaurant has something of an auditorium, gradually with different stages you will reach your table. The waiters run up and down this stairs with great ease. You would not suspect at first glance but once climbed the stairs it is a cozy restaurant with tasty food and not too fancy.

What really makes this restaurant a memorable place is the view: Faced towards the river behind the glass facade it's like you are in the middle of a 24 hour movie! Cargo ships, ferries, yachts, all kind of ships do their performance just to enjoy you.....

When we did our first toast it still was twilight but when we enjoyed our delicious chocolate-raspberry mousse it was pitch-dark with the glow of the vivid city ahead. Time to go home

It's not an UFO in the centre of the picture! It is the ferry who brings you to the old town 24 hours a day.

EYE restaurant: (make a reservation for dinner)  http://eyebarrestaurant.nl/en/

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