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Theo van Kampen
Regular visitors of our blog have noticed our recent absence: Well, we have been on vacation! Even for us, living in one of the most exciting cities of the world, so now and than it's time to spread our wings and fly away....
Nadia loves the blue of the Cote d'Azur and I like to bike around in hills and mountains and the both of us like to enjoy good food and wine so we decided to go to the south of France, the place on earth where these things go together very well! But how to go there? By plane? The benefit of traveling by plane is that it takes you just a few hours to go there, but the negative is that you'll never know how your bike will survive the flight and besides that, traveling by plane requires you the use of hotels so you cannot cook your own meal with local ingredients. For us this is of course a No Go. So what to do?
On Facebook luckily we found VW-Trips and we booked the green Volkswagen T-2 Camper Van originally Westfalia with a bicycle carrier on the back. Since VW-Trips is located in Amsterdam it's easy to take the van and arrange your vacation; we took the van early in the morning, loaded her and in the afternoon we where enjoying a Chimay (Belgian beer) on a mini camping just below Belgium in the french Picardie: the perfect start of a vacation!
The VW T-2 Westfalia camper van is designed in the early 70's and has room for 4 adults or 2 adults, 2 children and a baby. The roof of the van can be tilted to create not only extra space for living in the van, the tilted roof actually hides a full size double bed!

France is a beautiful country provided with many cosy campings and most of them are still open in the after season so there is no need for stress: Just follow the D and N roads through the countryside and keep your eyes open.

Here you see me peeling potatoes in Rousillon in the heart of the Luberon area.

Traveling with a vintage car is fun! But don't expect a high milage after a day on the road: We did app. 300 miles a day so it took us 5 days to reach The Cote d'Azur!

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