Cycling to the Landmarkt indoor food market

Theo van Kampen
One of the most remarkable changes in the Dutch weather is the transition between summer and autumn. After a usual nice Indian Summer the wind will turn to the south-west bringing rain and stormy weather. But when the wind turns to the north-east you can expect nice sunny weather though a little fresh.....
Sunday last week we expected some unexpected guests so we had to do last minute shopping and where is the best place to do shopping on a sunday? Indeed, at the Landmarkt indoor food market at the Schellingwouderdijk 339 just beneath the Schellingwouder brug (= bridge).
Because of the beautiful weather we went by bike. Since we live in the Old West part of Amsterdam and the Landmarkt is situated in Amsterdam north-east we first rode to the windmill of Brouwerij 'Het Ij' just taking the Amsterdam Bicycle Highway: Marnixstraat-Weteringschans-Sarphatistraat. We could easily resist the beer-garden since it was not open yet and continued riding east taking the Zeeburgerpad. After 5 minutes riding you have to zig-zag to take the Zeeburgerdijk which finally leads you to the Zuiderzeeweg.

Nadia 100% prepared to the fresh bike ride! On the background you can see the windmill of Brouwerij 'Het Ij' We leave here the Zeeburgerpad to the Zeeburgerdijk.

Ahhh, nice! Very confusing roadsigns. Actually we have to ignore the one way road sign which is situated right after the bicycle path sign that allow us to use this path in two directions.... Typical Dutch :)

Here we are on the first of the two big bridges which connects the city of Amsterdam with the nord-east part of Amsterdam. A 'bellavista' on the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal, the waterway that connects Amsterdam with the river Rhine.

We continue cycling and will face the 'Buiten Ij' area. Actually we are now standing on artificial land called Zeeburgereiland. On the picture you can see a glimpse of the Schellingwouder bridge.

On top of the Schellingwouder Brug you'll have a magnificent view on the Buiten Ij, the water that connects the Ijsselmeer with Amsterdam.

Now we are on the old land and we'll have to find the road to reach Landmarkt by bike. First we follow the road sign to a camping place.

But around the corner we head to the right. On the background the Zeeburger Brug.

Ah, there you go! We are already inside the Landmarkt.
The unique thing of Landmarkt is that most of the products they sell are grown or produced in the neighborhood. That explains the name Landmarkt: Country Market, a covered market with tasty and good food for everyone for reasonable prices! since the Landmarkt buys your products if possible directly from the manufacturer.

Here you see me tasting Boerenkaas, cheese made from raw milk at the farm rather than from a factory and pasteurized milk. Boerenkaas is so much tastier!

High quality fruit and vegetables.

But Landmarkt has more.... A very good restaurant where they serve you delicious food.
We choose for a spicy pumpkin soup.
The restaurant does take-away as well.

Done, it's time to go home. Not by the same way but we continued following the Schellingwouderdijk, a quiet road on the dike. Many of the houses are from the good old time: the house on the picture with the renovated facade still has the typical wood covered walls on the sides.

The Schellingwouderdijk changes into the Nieuwdammerdijk. Still a beautiful place to be.

Here again the typical wooden side walls. Most of the time this kind of walls are painted in dark green.

Surprise! When you take to the left after Nieuwdammerdijk 170 you cycle through a very quiet park called 'Vliegenbos'. Don't miss it!

After the 'Vliegenbos' the ferries over the river 'Het Ij' are not far away. Just follow the roadsigns. Waiting for our ferry we did not only see the back side of the Amsterdam Central railway station but a very cloudy air as well: time to hurry since rain will appear :(


  1. A great area well presented. We had a fantastic stroll in this area. Are we OK to link to this page?