The flower-market at the Amstelveld

Theo van Kampen
When the weather is nice and you have a day off at monday you have several opportunities for a stroll through the city of Amsterdam. You can go to the monday morning flee-marked at the Noordermarkt but you can go to visit the flower-market at the Amstelveld as well.
We decided to go to the flower-market and we like to you join us on this particular 'Ausflug'.

We start the walk at the corner of the Leidsche Gracht, there starts a beautiful street called Kerkstraat. The Kerkstraat (church street) isparallel between the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht.

The street was built in 1665 to connect four churches around the then urban expansion: the Amstel Church, Oosterkerk and two churches that were never built. Nowerdays it is an interesting street with many faces; between the Leidsche Gracht and the Spiegelstraat she is very alive with many entertainment spots, small but particular restaurants and several important shops like:

Lambiek! Lambiek is a comic book store and art gallery in Amsterdam, founded in 1968 by Kees Kousemaker (1942–2010).The name Lambiek originated as a misspelling of the name of the character Lambik, from the popular Suske & Wiske comic book series created by Belgian artist Willy Vandersteen. The store has held exhibitions of art by comic creators, including Robert Crumb, Daniel Clowes, Erik Kriek, AndrĂ© Franquin, Tanino Liberatore and Chris Ware. The shop and the informational website both have a strong focus on underground comics, graphic novels and autobiographical comics. A must see for the comic book tifoso!

Another important spot is the famous Hans Brincker Budget Hotel. It's an ultra-basic hostel near the Van Gogh museum with 500 beds in dorm rooms but it's hugely popular and super cheap. It sounds like a spoof: "The towels are rarely cleaned, the lightbulbs are replaced irregularly, the hotel water runs cold earlier than the guest would wish for . . . even the hotel sign saves energy by only having one letter lit up at night." But the publicity blurb isn't for a Fawlty Towers-style retreat, it's brutally honest and The Hans Brinker Hotel Amsterdam takes honesty to the extreme with its infamous communication campaign, revered and reviled but actually this campaign did pay off so if you want to experience yourself you'll have to make an early reservation!

Kerkstraat 136, The Hans Brinker Hotel Amsterdam.....

Now we have to cross the Spiegelstraat and facing eastwards the Kerkstraat will turn into a more quiet street where you can do your daily shopping in one of that nice and friendly grocery stores that still exists in the old town of Amsterdam:

But don't forget to look around you! There are many beautiful old buildings to see:

We continue walking eastwards and spot at Kerkstraat 322 in the facade of a former storehouse
a stone tabled "De Pool" from 1688! It represents our former trade partners from the Baltic Sea. 

The stone tablet is beautiful restaured at 1993. Gorgeous!

Yes! The flower-marked on the Amstelveld. Open on every monday of the year except for mid January till the end of February since than it's too cold.
Nadia loves flowers and plants! There are lots of varieties for sale. In the fall there are pumpkins for sale as well.

The Amstelveld is the perfect place to relax. Beautiful and quiet, surrounded by 46 Caucasian wing-nut trees.

Here a detailed picture of the typical bell tower of the Amstelkerk. The church is located on the Amstelveld and was built between 1668 and 1670 as part of the second extension of the old town. The design is by Daniel Stalpaert. It would be a temporary "wooden barn chapel" but as you can see it's still made out of wood. An amazing building.
Currently, the church is owned by 'Stadsherstel Amsterdam' (an organization that tries to preserve the beauty of our town), which also has an office and rents space for socio-cultural activities and for receptions and weddings. In the basement on the south side is a restaurant.

A wooden church in the heart of Amsterdam......

It's time to go home. A last view over the Reguliersgracht standing on bridge that connects the Kerkstraat with the Amstelveld.
Amsterdam = beautiful :)

flower-market Amstelveld  9:00 - 14:30
website http://www.lambiek.net/?lan=english

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