Ice skating in Amsterdam!

Theo van Kampen
The Dutch are known as a reasonable well adjusted people but when the temperature in wintertime drops below zero degrees Celsius they become nervous....
Then they went to their basements or storages to check out the condition of their ice skates because when it freezes the thousands of ditches, canals, rivers and lakes will transform sooner or later into thousands of miles of solid ice.
But the ice on this open water will be safe after half a week frost and to make this waiting bearable the Dutch will go en masse to artificial ice skate tracks to practice their skills. Ice tracks like 'De Jaap Edenbaan' in Amsterdam.
If you want to share this particular experience you'll have to cycle to this ice rink. As did the famous jazz singer Nina Simone during the years she lived in Amsterdam; she loved to skate!

The Jaap Eden Baan was on 9 December 1961 as the third skating rink in the world opened by Jaap Eden Jr., the grandson of the legendary skating champion Jaap Eden. In the first season there were nearly three hundred thousand visitors are counted. The first official match took place on the weekend of 25 and 26 February 1962.
(website below)

The Jaap Edenbaan is not just an ice track, on the terrain is a specialized shop where you can buy and rent skates and skating gear. They do rent several types of skates (website below)

Skating is fun! But slippery..... Nadia who is not raised in Holland likes to skate but her skills are uhhhh, so so.....
But after a few minutes she gathered enough courage to start her voyage on ice all around the ice track:

Brave Nadia!


I am doing my thing on ice :-) But I am raised in Holland so for me skating is like cycling. You should see me on skis haha! On skis I am like a helpless baby....
As you can see the weather is nice and the ice rink is loaded with people but that is no problem as long as we all skate in the same direction.

Nadia made it without falling down!

Real ice skaters don't were socks in their skates. On my head I were the traditional Dutch ice cap knitted by my mother in the national tricolor

On the north side of the terrain lies the cosy café 'De Skeve Skaes' where you can warm yourself with hot beverages like hot chocolate or pea-soup. Check out their amazing collection of historical speed skates.
Here you see the sportive couple bask in the sun. What a day!

The most famous Dutch skaters of all times Art Schenk and Kees Verkerk racing on the Jaap Edenbaan 1965. Check out their ice caps.

As I already mentioned, you can skate in the evening as well. Our special reporter made this pictures after her work-out:

Thank you Wietske for the beautiful pictures.

information Jaap Edenbaan:
The Jaap Edenbaan is situated at Radioweg 64, 1098 NJ Amsterdam. Telephone: 0900 7242287  http://www.jaapeden.nl/praktische-informatie/routebeschrijving/#.UPggnYV9jw4
Opening hours: 8.00h -18.00h and 21.00h - 23.00h. 7 days a week.

information on rental:
http://www.watermansport.nl/schaatsverhuur-per-dag-particulieren this website is in Dutch but on the picture you can see what you can rent for one day or lease for a longer period
If you like to rent skates be aware that you have to leave a deposit! That can be a proof of identity like a passport or ID or the amount of € 100,-. They accept driving licenses as well.

café 'De Skeve Skaes' 


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