The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy

Theo van Kampen
Nadia was invited for a lecture combined with a Chinese tea ceremony which was held in the Lloyd Hotel so we cycled to this remarkable building to check it out.
The Lloyd Hotel is a hotel building in the Lloyd-complex in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam. The building was designed in 1918 by architect Evert Breman, commissioned by the Royal Holland Lloyd (KHL). The hotel was built in an eclectic style, with influences from the Amsterdam School. After use as a hotel for migrants, refugees shelter, house of detention, juvenile detention and collective building of artists' studios, doing it today as a hotel. Nowadays it is a national monument.
Since this building had so many destinations you would think that the original interior is not much left but nothing is less true! We got a little guided tour and got really excited.....

Nadia is about to enter a remarkable building,

Beautiful tiling in the staircases

The stained glass windows have stood the test of time

Again one of the staircases. This one is used as an exhibition area as well.

In the hallways are little kitchens created where the hotel guests can prepare their own coffee and tea. In this way the interaction between the guests is stimulated

Here a glimpse of a 1 star room. The tile-work and the paneling survived more than 90 years!

One star rooms are not equipped with shower and WC so the guests have to share this facilities. Tastefully restored with the original tile-work left.

Obvious the more star the room carries, the more luxury you can expect. This is an example of a three star double room. Theo is watching through a huge door that separates the bedroom from the bathroom. When you push this door the room becomes twice a big. You have to see it to believe it :-)

Just under the roof is the famous five star family room with the huge bathtub and the swing. The view through the windows is magnificent: Since the Lloyd Hotel is one of the biggest buildings in the neighborhood you can overview the old harbors completely

This is a small view of another five star room. Designed by Joep van Lieshout; a famous Dutch sculptor and designer. Imagine that you hire a professional pianist to surprise you and your partner on a sunny sunday morning....
The bedroom is upstairs and has not a double bed but a bed so big that there is enough space for eight person!

Nadia taking a break in the library, filled with art books

Ah, there we've got the lecture with tea ceremony LLOYD BY HOME.

One of the great things about the Lloyd Hotel is that they organize lectures and exhibitions on regular base; These events take place throughout the building and can mostly be visited free of charge. This creates a constant interaction between guests, artists and citizens in Amsterdam. More information about this remarkable activity (for a hotel!) you can find on their excellent website.

Since the previous destination at the Lloyd Hotel was a collective building of artists' studios the free spirit of artists is still in the air. The building has many spots where you can enjoy this phenomenon, like over here in the basement: installation by Maurizio Montalti, "Bio Cover chair"

Installation "Isla de Flores" by Chikako Watanabe LLOYD LIFE situated in the entrance of the restaurant. This restaurant is not exclusively for the hotel guests but also for ordinary people from the neighborhood. This locals use it as a inspiring hangout for drinking their sunday morning coffee as well.

Hotel website http://www.lloydhotel.com/en
website info Installation "Isla de Flores" http://www.lloydhotel.com/en/node/190

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