a "petite" french restaurant

Theo van Kampen
One of the very good aspects of living in Amsterdam is that life can be full of surprises. Take this one:

One day my good friend Rob told me that he discovered a petite restaurant in a beautiful part of the old town, a french restaurant with food so tasty it's even rare to find in France..... I don't need to say that I became very curious: That saves us a train ticked to Paris or so to enjoy a tasty french meal :-)

The name of this place is 'Bouchon du Centre'. A bouchon is a type of restaurant found in Lyon, an historical city in southeast of France located on the Rhone river. These traditional dining serve traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, like sausages, duck pâté or roast pork. Compared to other forms of French cooking such as nouvelle cuisine, the dishes are quite heavily oriented around meat but prepared in a very basic way so you can really taste what you see: Just the kind of food I love to eat. There are approximately twenty officially certified traditional bouchons in Lyon but this one in Amsterdam can carry her name with pride!

Bouchon du Centre is small. It is run by one woman only: Hanneke Schouten, the daughter of a dutch man married to a french woman. Who does everything by herself. From shopping to cooking to serving and doing the dishes.
"Simple, traditional fare," she calls it self. Simple but you can hardly call that French bourgeois cuisine. Hanneke cooks in the real tradition of the bouchon Lyonnaise and the food is of the highest quality so if you want to taste kidneys in red wine sauce with mashed potatoes in the way the people in Lyon eat this delicacy don't hesitate to go there!
Since the place is petite: book in time and move on to Hannekes bouchon not too late! The last order can be made at half past six and eight o'clock the restaurant closes.

Nadia is happy with her portion of 'confit de canard'

Eating good food is serious business. Beaujolais Villages is the perfect accompaniment for nutritious food and Hannekes choice turned out to be....... perfect!

Theo and Nadia happy after the best meal in weeks!


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