Roest, The new hot spot for the summer

Theo van Kampen 

Summer in Amsterdam can be a thrill! When in summer the wind turnes to the east usually the weather will be nice and the sun will appear bringing us high temperatures. Time to look for a place to chill and cool down! Roest means rust, rusty and refers to the heavy industry activities in the past.
A great idea: Transfer old industrial buildings into catering, create a beach near the water and there she is: The new hot spot for the summer, a great asset to Amsterdam and Eastern Islands.

Here Nadia enters the Rumpiusstraat, actually an opening at the fence that separates the Conradstraat and a car park.If you are standing like this you face a huge glass building. Behind this building you'll find Roest.

Enough place to park your bicycle in a safe way

Nadia ordering drinks but here you can do self service as well.

Nadia enjoying an ice cold Coke. Behind Nadia you can see the hairdresser in action. So if you feel the urge.....

Beach volleyball! When the sun goes down you can enjoy campfire and BBQ. Meanwhile DJ will create a lounchy atmosphere until midnight

Hey! Amsterdam might be a big city but on days like this you always meet friends by accident. Here we walked into Dave and Petra who had the same idea like us :)

Grolsch beer. One of the best....

Petra's jump to an effective cool-down

Real dare devils climb the rope for their cool-down!

Roest, The new hot spot for the summer, a great asset to Amsterdam and Eastern Islands!

website van roest http://www.amsterdamroest.nl/

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